These are the top tips to pass the PMP Certification Exam

Hard work and perseverance will eventually pay off. SPOTO, the PMP learning platform, and institution, is a great place to learn. The classes with SPOTO teachers were very rewarding. I am now a teacher in educational training, not in project management. I persevered in learning the basics of PMP and was able to pass the PMP exam with flying colors.

I can still recall feeling nervous when I signed up to take the exam. I didn’t have any experience in project management. Could I do it? For days, I was haunted by doubt. I decided to take the exam when I heard that my company was hiring a new employee with PMP certification. I would love to give it a shot, regardless of what the outcome. I watched videos, read books, reviewed, took samples tests, and prepared for the final exam. I have created a knowledge system, step by step. Based on the five steps (initial planning, planning, execution, monitoring, closing), I will review my learning experience.

The initial stage
Confidence is the most important thing at this stage. Good preparation and an active mindset are key to success. I can do it as a student without any foundation. You can, too. It is important to understand the best learning methods and appreciate the benefits of PMI PMP certification. You should concentrate on understanding the information and not just reciting it to pass the exam. There are 25 questions that will not be included in the score, so you won’t know the answers to these questions.

The planning stage
Only persistence will get you through the exam. You can follow the course of the institution’s learning group. You can set a goal for yourself every day, such as studying at least two hours per day. You can make the most of the time you have to learn if you are a worker like me. To avoid feeling tired while I was studying for the exam, I would take a break every 10 minutes after I had completed 40 minutes of learning. I was able to learn for two hours with high efficiency.

Execution stage
Follow the same plan as you did before. I read books and watched videos every day. The book is too long so I recommend that you first watch the teaching videos. To organize your knowledge, you can use the mind map. After a hard day, you may feel tired and need to prepare for the exam. But, if your plan is in place, you can stick to it and reach your goal.

The monitoring stage
You have already learned the methods of learning and can adjust to the learning pace at this stage. To consolidate your knowledge, you can begin reviewing. If you have the time, you can also modify the learning environment or go for a walk outside to unwind. However, do not over-relax. Keep your daily learning goal in mind.

The final stage
To find your weak points, you can go through the teaching videos several times. You are now ready to tackle several sets of PMP exam questions. To avoid feeling nervous on the actual exam site, you should treat the sample test as if you were taking it.

When answering questions, be careful when filling out the blank sheets. You should be careful with how much time you spend. You will pass the exam if you have done a thorough PMP exam prep. Take it easy. All candidates, we wish you all the best.