Track and Field

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Usually consisting of activities like short and long distance racing, long and high jumping, distance throwing and many more such activities, this section includes precisely the information on the same topics and topics further related to track and field. The articles forming the database of this section involve topics like tips on better racing, higher or longer jumping, distance throwing and so on. Written by the experts from this field of track and field sport, these articles will help the new comer to prepare for the game and maintain a good training session as well. The usage and identification of the right equipments used in the game of track and field are all mentioned here amongst the database articles. Further, the latest trends and news on the track and field game, the best athletes in track and field – all make their way here. Read on ahead and make a huge jump from the side of no knowledge to that of complete information.Displaying 1-10 of 20 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>Marathon Training Half – Half Marathon Training ProgrammesPosted by Matthew Severs. Published on Nov 16, 2009 Half marathon training is very difficult to do. Training programmes for a half marathon are what you need to be looking at. Speed Ladder Training – Acceleration TrainingPosted by Michael Seno. Published on Oct 14, 2009 Acceleration training has been gaining a lot of creditability the past couple of years. Acceleration training can be a great tool for gaining speed and quickness especially when it is incorporated and works with a speed ladder training program. Acceleration training is simple making your legs move faster than they can normally go. In that process the athlete actually builds fast twitch muscles because of the fast movement that the legs are going through. The athlete is also training the brain into thinking the legs can actually move that fast. Glory Days And Track And Field Stats ConsideredPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on Sep 29, 2009 Back in the day we were all more agile, had more endurance, stamina, and those of us who ran track remember when. Not long ago, I was reliving these glory days with an online acquaintance. Remembering the good ole’ days when I was full of piss and vinegar and had the records to prove it. Women’s Running Tips: Top 40 Tips For Women Over 40 RunnersPosted by Monica Anderson. Published on Aug 27, 2009 I love to run and it’s great to see research being done on older runners…the Stanford study that shows that running slows aging or the Yale study that shows that older marathon runners (women in particular) are improving their running times more than younger runners. Many of these women’s running tips can apply to all runners, but they definitely take on a new perspective as the years go on and we get older, wiser, and perhaps, faster… Developing The Hitch-kick Style Of Long JumpingPosted by Nigel A Lewis. Published on Aug 17, 2009 In my eyes, few track and field events are more exciting and interesting than the long jump. The powerful sprint down the runway, the graceful leap as the jumper seems to float through the air, the sudden landing with an explosion of sand – the long jump is truly amazing. But then I’m biased! The Start: Video Analysis Of Track SprintingPosted by Dudley Tabakin. Published on Aug 08, 2009 The start often determines the end of a track sprint race. A great start out of the blocks can often mean the difference between victory and defeat in a race often won by 100ths of a second. We use video to analyze one of the great sprinters, Tyson Gay as he starts a fast race. How Fast Can Usain Bolt Run?Posted by Dudley Tabakin. Published on Aug 05, 2009 The IAAF World Championships begins in less than a month and all eyes will be on the 100m and 200m world record holder, Usain Bolt from Jamaica. We all remember the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when Bolt ran the 100m in 9.69 seconds, throwing out his arms and pumping his chest before crossing the line. There has been a lot of speculation about how fast he could have run with some suggesting a time of 9.55 seconds. Throwing – A Lost SportPosted by Vince Lehman. Published on Jul 17, 2009 The majority of people have never even heard of Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Hammer. What are these 4 words? They are all sports of track and field that require great technical skill and athleticism. The Problem With Usa Track & Field – There Simply Is No Fire In The BellyPosted by Ed Bagley. Published on Jul 12, 2009 The U. S. National Track & Field Championship meet came and went recently with hardly a notice by its fan base and the nation’s press. This happened because basically there is no fan base of marketing value, and the nation’s traditional media (newspapers, television and radio) can hardly keep their doors open for business by covering a nonevent. Right Foot Touchdown In The Hammer Throw – Heel Or Toe?Posted by Dave Hahn. Published on Jun 25, 2009 The right foot touchdown in the hammer throw is a critical point of force application to the implement. This can be clearly seen by those throwers at the top of the world rankings today. You will notice how much force they are putting into the ground with each successive turn. In order to better facilitate this force production, should athletes be taught to land with the right toe or heel during each double support phase? Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >> Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.