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We offer a wide range of activities through our tours. One of them is certain to be a great match for your next adventure! Most of our tours fit into one of these categories. You can search by tour type or by local area to find the specific activities in each area.Summit Expeditions
Few experiences can compete with the triumph of reaching the summit of a majestic mountain. We offer a selection of mountain summit expeditions for every level of climber. From the experienced trekker who wants to attempt a first summit, to the summit of Mt Everest, we offer expeditions on every continent. One of them is perfect for your next climbing adventure.Treks
A tour on foot, through the landscape and culture of a piece of our world is sure to show wonders to you. Trekking is traveling on foot through terrain that is best suited for foot travel. Traveling by foot is the best way to soak up the environment of a place closely. Moving at walking speed allows for a slow, rich, full immersion into the location of your choice. From vast and breath-taking mountain vistas, to intimate cultural celebrations and rituals, a trek allows for a wonderfully interactive tour, sure to create a wealth of memories.Safaris
Safaris are available in Africa and Nepal. The timeless wonder of seeing these animals and plants in natural reserves is a lifetime desire for many travelers. There are different methods for entering and passing through the tropical parks, including jeep, elephant rides, walking, canoeing and ox-car rides. You’ll experience an amazing variety of wildlife and flora on any of our jungle safaris. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or have always wanted to see the big cats of Africa, our safari tours are a dream fulfilled.River Rafting
If you love adrenaline, thrills and water, river rafting is for you! Don the life vest and grab a paddle! We offer rafting adventures for a variety of experience levels so everyone can enjoy a white water experience!Parasailing
Have you ever wished you could fly? Gliding above an amazing landscape with the wind is an experience that many adventurers can’t resist! We have select locations for perfect views and a stunning experience in the air.Cultural Tours
Enwrap yourself in the culture of a new land. From the capitol city of Argentia to remote tea shops in the Himalayas, a new life-enriching cultural experience is awaiting you. Contact InformationUSA Office:
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