What is the general pass rate for zero-based CCIE students?

What is the chance that CCIE-certified students with zero foundation will pass? It must be difficult for students with no foundation to get into the IT industry. You will be able to get the relevant certifications if you are determined. It is a great option to obtain relevant certifications. It is difficult for students without a foundation to make the step. The pass rate in textual research is a good indicator of their willingness to take this step. So, if a student has zero foundation plans to study CCIE then he might think, “If I learn CCIE then how likely are I that I can pass?” Is it worth my time if I fail the exam?

SPOTO has met many students with such ideas. We just want to clarify that they are willing to take the first step, and it is worthy of recognition. However, CCIE students with a general zero foundation pass more than 90% in SPOTO.

What is the likelihood of a zero-based student passing the CCIE under normal circumstances? It is not easy for zero-based people to get into the IT industry. Candidates who have the determination to succeed will still be able to get out. It is a great option to obtain an IT-related certification. It can be difficult for students with zero foundation to make the first step in the process of starting from scratch. The passing rate of the textual research is a sign of their willingness to take this step. In other words, zero-based candidates will think, “If I learn CCIE then how likely it is that I can pass?” This time if I fail is not worth it.

SPOTO has met many candidates with similar ideas. We want to emphasize that it is worth recognizing that you are willing to take the first step. The learning process will improve your self-esteem. However, it is necessary to mention the pass rate for CCIE students with a general zero foundation. In SPOTO, the passrate of CCIE has surpassed 90% and many of those who have passed the CCIE have zero foundation students. As long as you are open to learning, there is no reason to worry about having no foundation.

SPOTO will create a personalized learning plan for each student, both in terms of teaching and training. SPOTO offers CCIE training courses for zero-based students. Even if your zero-based status is not an issue, you can still gain relevant knowledge by learning little by little from the basics. You can gradually get started by learning more and breaking through the zero foundation. It is possible to become a CCIE very quickly.

SPOTO is an 18-year-old professional training organization and an online university for IT technical talent worldwide. It strives to develop high-quality IT talent and accelerate the career advancement of IT Internet technical talent. SPOTO has been able to export many IT talents to society over the past 18 years. We hope you can be one of them.

Concerning the question of the pass rates of CCIE’s general zero based students, we can answer that the passrate is still very high but it largely depends on your personal effort. We recommend that you act quickly if you are unsure whether you want to enter the IT industry. High-rise buildings are always on the ground, as we all know. SPOTO CCIE Express Training Courses are worth a try if you are willing and able to work hard and spend time.