Workers Compensation

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Before Wisconsin enacted the first statutory system, there was no tradeoff between employers and injured workers. To get financial aid, injured workers had no recourse but to file suits. This course of action had many drawbacks for both parties, foremost of which is litigation cost. In time, a mutually beneficial system for trade offs was promulgated, and this trade off is what we now know as the workers’ compensation bargain. This section provides articles pertaining to workers’ compensation insurance.Displaying 1-10 of 16 result(s).Go to page: << First< Previous12Next >Last >>Risk Management In Wage Loss StatesPosted by Katrina Paglierani. Published on Oct 15, 2009 The Workers Comp law varies so much from state to state it is a daunting task to keep track. This article is about some of the issues you may run in to when managing cases in different states. Tinnitus Compensation And Industrial Deafness Claim Company!Posted by Sadhana Dhanyal. Published on Sep 24, 2009 Industrial workers are often exposed to various kinds of health risks. Ideally, the employers hold the responsibility to provide adequate safety measures to all the employees. Worker’s Compensation And Occupational DiseasesPosted by Sara Fabre. Published on Sep 15, 2009 It is commonly understood that workers compensation provides benefits for workers who are injured on the job due to anatomical injuries, for example broken bones, paralysis and even death that occur due to a fall or other trauma. Since each state has a specific definition of occupational disease, it is the injured workers best interest to contact a workers compensation attorney early in the claim process to be sure that your situation is covered under the state’s definition of occupational disease. Don’t Ruin Your Worksafebc AppealPosted by Jon Dykstra. Published on Aug 22, 2009 A sure-fire way to ruin your WorkSafeBC appeal is to miss deadlines. Yes, WorkSafeBC had deadlines for filing a claim. There are also deadlines for each stage of the appeal process. The claim and appeal process for WCB matters in British Columbia includes the claim, and then two appeal opportunities if your claim is denied. Read about the big-picture WorkSafeBC process and deadlines here. You Can File For Both Workers Compensation And Social Security Disability BenefitsPosted by Aaron Rodgers. Published on Jul 08, 2009 It is possible under the current rule of law to file both a workers compensation benefits claim and a Social Security disability benefits claim at the same time. These two systems are completely separate and different from one another. The Social Security disability benefit you file a claim for is under a federal program that is standardized nationwide. However, workers compensation laws differ from state to state. Steps Involved In A Work Accident Compensation ClaimPosted by Lindsay Nolan. Published on Jun 13, 2009 If employees sustain injury in a work accident due to inadequate health and safety measures, the employees can make compensation claim. In order to make the claim easy a step by step claim process must be adopted. Usually Employer’s insurance compensates the claim. Accident At Work ClaimsPosted by Dave Healey. Published on Jun 09, 2009 If you’ve been injured in an accident at work or injured while visiting someone at their place of work, you have a legal right to claim compensation for any damages or injury you may have suffered. However in order to do so, and your case will be made much easier with less input from yourself, if you follow certain established procedures immediately that you have the accident. Get Help For Your Workplace InjuryPosted by Sharron Ruston. Published on Jun 03, 2009 If you’ve been injured on the job there are ways in which you can get the help you need. Workers compensation was put in place in Australia to help get employees the assistance that they need when they are hurt at work. Worker’s Compensation Insurance Rules In Montana Cause A ProblemPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on May 20, 2009 Workmen’s Compensation insurance has gotten out of hand over the last few decades, many businesses cannot support those costs. Meanwhile workers want raises but the business person cannot pay anymore due to all the costs associated with worker’s comp. Expert Guidance On Workers Compensation InsurancePosted by Daisy Wilson. Published on Apr 21, 2009 The United States, amongst other countries has laws in place to protect employees in case they become ill or suffer work place injury. In a nutshell this program is known as workers compensation insurance. The specific coverage and the eligibility criteria for workers compensation insurance varies from state to state. 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