10 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer to Get Your Dream Job

Interviewees are usually focused on the questions they will answer for the employer. They don’t realize that the questions they ask back will make them stand out from other candidates. This is often overlooked in the interview process. People are focused on their own opinions. It’s part of our human nature and people enjoy it. It makes us feel good when we share our best moments.
Think about it. If you feel good about talking about yourself and your achievements, wouldn’t it make interviewers feel good? They are people, too. If they feel good after their interview, what are the chances they will want to continue the conversation with your employers? That’s pretty good!
Interviews are primarily about getting to know the candidate. However, the questions you ask prospective employers can tell them a lot more about you than the questions you ask.
Procter & Gamble was my employer for seven years. This company is the one that gave me the most experience in interviewing, and I didn’t even have to look outside the company. Because P&G is so big, every new position within the company deserves a new interview. You can stay with P&G for your whole life and interview every few year as you progress in your career. There is internal and external competition. People from all walks of the globe compete for the top spots, as P&G pays for relocation. I applied for and was granted several positions on the Wal-Mart Team, Pet Care Team and Pharmaceutical Team at P&G. After I left P&G’s pharmaceutical division, I was offered a job at Colgate Palmolive. This interview success is partly due to my previous career achievements. But, I believe I was able to stand out because I asked the right question.
An interview is a sales call, with you as the product. Sales people know that asking customers questions is a better way to convince them. Here are 10 great questions to ask your future employer in order to sell yourself.
1) Before we start, I have one question. What would your top candidate’s positive traits and abilities look like if you could give me a wishlist?
Interviews are structured in this way: interviewers ask questions, interviewee answers, and interviewers wrap up by giving interviewee the chance to ask more questions. I was often able to surprise my interviewers by changing the format. This is a question you should ask early! There is a strategy for this. Mentally note everything they mention when answering your question. They are giving you their ideal candidate! If you are concerned about forgetting it, you might want to write down their wish list.
Allow the interview to progress with their questions. Answer each question subtlely, highlighting their desired traits about you and your work. As you answer their questions, incorporate their words into your sales pitch. As you end the interview, you can use your own words to close it. These questions can be saved for the end of your interview, when they ask you if there are any questions.
2) How do I see you impacting _____ (insert research fact about the company).
Employers are more impressed by candidates who take the time to research the company and how they conduct themselves in interviews. You will be noticed if you bring up a topic most candidates don’t know about. Ask follow-up questions to show your depth of knowledge. Google is available to everyone in this age of Google. Those who don’t invest in research into the company aren’t worthy of the investment.