2022 CAPM Education Courses – Important Points About CAPM Programs

CAPM Education courses will help you pass the CAPM credential or the ‘Certified Associate In Project Management’ credential. The CAPM Education courses will prepare you for project management jobs. Let’s take a look at the CAPM courses as well as CAPM certification.
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What is CAPM?
The Project Management Institute- PMI Institute’s credential for project managers is the CAPM. It is available to those who have not worked more than 4500 hours leading projects. It is suitable for both fresh graduates and working professionals who are still learning about project management. A CAPM Education course will give you the necessary grounding in project management to become a CAPM.
Why should you choose CAPM?
Here are some reasons to choose CAPM.
CAPM certification is a first step in project management. CAPM Education courses will give you the knowledge and skills to take the CAPM exam.
The CAPM credential, which is internationally recognized, means that you are on par for the rest of professionals around the world
A PMI CAPM will increase your chances of landing a job.
If you are already employed, CAPM and the CAPM education courses you have completed would help you climb the career ladder quicker.
The basis of CAPM training courses is PMBOK- Project Management Body of Knowledge. This knowledge includes best practices from professionals from all over the world. CAPM certifications will help you learn the basics and communicate with millions of project managers across the globe.
Recognition of professional achievements and opportunities to network

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These are the requirements to be eligible for the CAPM exam if you have completed one of the CAPM education programs.
Secondary Degree-High school diploma or associate’s degree, or any equivalent degree internationally accepted
You will also need to have completed 23 hours of project management education.

CAPM Education Courses
You must meet both the education requirements and the project management education requirements in order to be eligible. You must have completed all education hours by the time you take your exam. What qualifications are required for project management educations? Who offers them? It will help you pass the exam. Let’s answer these questions and more.
What are the courses of CAPM training?
CAPM Education courses address this second option. The CAPM Training Courses would typically cover project scope, time/schedule and cost, quality, quantity, communication, risk management, procurement, stakeholders, and project integration management.
Who offers the CAPM Education courses
Although there are many providers on the market, PMI accepts CAPM education courses from the following:
Chapter of PMI
PMI-registered education providers
Project management programs/seminars/workshops sponsored by your company
Training institutes
Distance education providers that also offer an assessment at the conclusion of the course
Academic programs

However, self-study, project management books and networking are not eligible for the CAPM education courses.
How do I report the hours worked?
You can count one hour of project management courses taken at any of these classes as one hour. If you are enrolled in a university program, or another educational institution, it counts as one hour.