2022 CAPM Exam – All Details 100% Covered by Videos

The CAPM certification is well-known all over the world. This article will provide information about CAPM. We will also share details about the CAPM Exam and certification. Project Management Institute is a well-respected accreditation body. They offer a variety of certifications in project management. One of these certifications is CAPM. Each certification has its own requirements. The same is true for CAPM Certification. To sit for the CAPM Exam, aspirants must meet the requirements.
PMP is the most recognizable certification offered by PMI to project managers. It requires that individuals have at least three years of experience, depending on their education level. What if someone is just starting out and doesn’t have enough experience to sit for the PMP Exam but wants to continue their career in project management? For such people, PMI offers CAPM certification. This means that CAPM certification is only for those who are new to project management or intend to enter it. This certification is a recognition of their ability to complete tasks within the constraints of the project, such budget scope and time.

CAPM validates your knowledge about the project framework foundation. Many aspirants are seeking this certification to gain global recognition in their early career. This certification can bring many added benefits.
CAPM certification is intended for professionals at the beginning level. The exam is not as difficult as PMP Certification. It does not assess practical job experience. PMP Exam is “Experience-based”, while CAPM Exam is “knowledge based”.
The CAPM Certification Exam lasts three hours. The candidate must attempt 150 questions during this time. In one hour, you must answer 50 questions. 15 of these 15 questions are pre-test questions. These pretest questions don’t affect the candidate’s score. To qualify for the CAPM certification, we recommend that you aim for a higher percentage such as 70%.
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The structure of the CAPM Exam is in line with PMBOK. You must learn project management fundamentals if you want to pass the CAPM Exam. These project management processes and frameworks have been laid out by PMI in the PMBOK. PMBOK provides a detailed project management framework. The following are included in the CAPM exam:
Introduction to Project Management
Project Environment
Role of Project Manager
Integration Management
Scope Management
Schedule Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Resource Management
Communication Management
Risk Management
Procurement Management
Management of Stakeholders

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To be eligible for the CAPM Exam, aspirants must meet certain requirements. PMI has established the requirements for CAPM certification. They have established the criteria for the CAPM exam. The CAPM exam targets non-experienced individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in project management. Experience is not a factor in the CAPM exam criteria. These criteria are used to help distinguish aspirants based upon their education and project management training.
These are the criteria: