2022 CAPM Exam Prep: 10 Tips to Pass the CAPM Exam in Your First Attempt

PMI’s entry-level project management certification is CAPM. This certification has become more valuable due to the increasing demand for project management professionals in the job market. To be able to pass the CAPM exam in the first attempt, you will need a solid CAPM study guide as well as good CAPM exam preparation training.
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We have provided 10 tips for passing the CAPM exam and a step-by-step guide on how to choose your CAPM training.
It is better to be familiar with the basics of CAPM certification before you dive into exam prep tips.
What is CAPM Certification?
PMI (www.pmi.org), offers CAPM (Certified Associate Project Management) certification to those who are interested in project management or who want to learn the basics of project management. There are many skills that team members can contribute to a project, such as software coding, testing or landscaping in a project.
For such people, CAPM can be used as an entry-level certification to gain the necessary skills and knowledge that will allow them to work in a project environment better, understand the challenges, and work more closely with the project manager. Preparing for the CAPM exam requires both time and money. It is important to prepare well to pass the exam the first time.
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CAPM Exam Prep Tip 1: Learn the structure and content of the exam
As part of CAPM exam preparation, the first step would be to understand the structure and content of the exam. Also, the PMBOK chapters will be given different weights. The following table gives the outline of the exam content, as taken from the PMI site (www.pmi.org) from the pdf document “certified-associate-project-management-exam-outline-sixth”. As shown below, each chapter of the PMBOK has a different weightage.
PMBOK Guide 6th Edition ChapterWeightageIntroduction to Project Management6%Project Environment6%Role of the Project Manager7%Project Integration Management9%Project Scope Management9%Project Schedule Management9%Project Cost Management8%Project Quality Management7%Project Resource Management8%Project Communication Management10%Project Risk Management8%Project Procurement Management4%Project Stakeholder Management9%Total100%As we can see, the questions cover all the areas and it is important to study all the areas. The Project Management areas are all interconnected and the test aims to give you the opportunity to practice in all of them. Examinees must have a plan for the CAPM Exam preparation and be able to allocate time for learning each area.
PMBOK 6th Edition is almost 700 pages long. This volume can seem daunting for beginners. You can still get a good overview of the material if you take a systematic approach. You can use a user-friendly CAPM prep training course program and also spend time on PMBOK.