Best Project Management Solutions For Remote Teams in 2022

Businesses and organizations turn to project management to ensure they deliver the exact scope of their requirements within the agreed timeframe, within budget, with the right quality. Project management is a combination of all the necessary skills, knowledge, and techniques that results in successful project delivery. The project teams play a significant role in how successful or unsuccessful these activities are.
The Top 3 Project Management Solutions For Remote Teams
Project Management for In-house Teams and Remote Teams
A project team is not just a group of people. It is also more than a list or tasks. A project team is a group that has the right skills and interdependence to work together towards a common goal. They work together to achieve the same goal and help each other grow and become more efficient as a group. Changes in technology, the global economy, and business landscape have led to different types of project teams, both in-house or remote.
In-house project team
A co-located or in-house team is the traditional configuration of a project team. It is a group of people who are located at the same site or in the exact same location. Everyone is located within a few steps of one another, and more often within the same project room. Managers can quickly create their project plans for in-house teams and meet with each member of the team as necessary. They can track and monitor the progress at any time. You can communicate with your team members by simply walking up to the desk of a colleague to clarify tasks.
While it is easier to plan, track, and collaborate on the project with the team, resourcing can be difficult. A co-located team is made up of individuals who travel to the site to work. This limits the number of team members with the right skills. People who are qualified but don’t live in the area must move. Agile organizations encourage greater co-location and prefer their teams to be in-house.
Recommended PM products for in-house team
Smartsheet is an enterprise project management software. Smartsheet is an enterprise project management tool. It offers a simple spreadsheet interface for planning, as well as several views such Gantt charts, progress dashboards, task-based portals, and Gantt charts. This helps teams track their projects efficiently. Smartsheet also offers integrations and automation tools to improve team workflows.
Asana is a task, project, and work management software that can be used by teams. It helps project teams stay organized, stay on task, and meet deadlines. It allows in-house teams to communicate more easily with one another and can help them focus on their goals, projects, or tasks. It is preferred by many in-house creative and marketing teams for streamlining creative production.
Many agile teams use Jira Software as a project and issue tracking tool. It is used by development teams to plan, track and release software. Software can be used by teams that use paired extreme programming, or those who hold daily Scrum meetings to improve their visibility, automation, integration, and integration with other tools.
Remoteproject teams
Remote project teams can have many different configurations. Remote project teams can have individual members who work from their own homes or in different offices around the globe. This is completely different to an in-house team. Each member can work in a different time zone, and the distance between them is not an issue. Sometimes, teams may work together remotely but still meet at the main office. Remote project management requires that managers rely on communication tools to execute their project plan. Cloud-based project management software, as well as other business apps, can be used to track progress, monitor tasks, and collaborate.
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