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An ITIL Foundation class is a great way to get started with ITIL best practices. Participants can expect to receive: * A comprehensive introduction to ITIL best practice. * Information about the benefits associated with ITIL.* Key examples and examples of ITIL best practice. * A 40-question multiple choice exam.
ITIL Foundation classes cover a lot of material and, as the last bullet of the list indicates, students are expected to demonstrate competency in that material by answering 26 of 40 questions correctly on a multiple-choice exam usually given at the end. This can be difficult. Two and a half days are spent learning new material. There are some techniques that can help students pass the exam. First, make sure you carefully read the questions and answers. It’s not uncommon for students to miss questions on practice exams that are part ITIL Foundation classes. This is because they read the question too fast and didn’t understand the question. The same thing could happen on the actual exam. Always read through the questions and answers thoroughly. Students should slow down when taking the exam. Complex multiple-choice questions look like this: Which of the following are Capacity Management Subprocesses? Continuity Capacity management2. Management of Component Capacity3. Service Capacity Management4. Business Capacity ManagementA. 1 and 4B. 1 and 3C. 2, 3, and 4D. These questions are great because they allow you to follow a logical pattern and arrive at the right answer. Take into account the validity of each item 1 through 4. Is item 1 true? If it is true, it must be in the correct answer. False information must be excluded from the correct answer. This means that item 1, “Continuity Capacity Management” is false. This means that answers A, B, and D are eliminated since they all contain item 1. C is the only answer. This is not a test question. This is a blog post I wrote. Reading the official syllabus can help students score higher on the ITIL Foundation exam. The syllabus is included in the ITIL Foundation class material. It is important to read the syllabus as it outlines the areas the exam will cover. Passing the ITIL Foundation exam is possible, even though it is difficult. The key factors to success in the exam include adequate preparation, adequate coverage of the material and good courseware. The ITIL Foundation exam is also easier if you read the questions and answer carefully, follow a logical approach to certain questions, and review the syllabus.
Our ITIL Certification Roadmap and ITIL Guarantee will help you succeed in ITIL certification.
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