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While preparing for the Microsoft MS-900 exam, you might be concerned about MS-900 exam difficulty. A little effort in the right direction can make a huge difference. Recent research has shown that time management is the main reason why most students fail their Microsoft MS-900 exam. You cannot study for the exam alone. Practice tests are also necessary. Practice tests for the MS-900 exam can be done at home in a short time. This will help you in the exam hall.
Our latest online Microsoft exam practice test is now available. This time, it’s for the MS-900 Microsoft 365 Foundations exam. Although this exam is not as technical as the others, it provides a great overview of Microsoft 365. This exam is highly recommended for aspirants, especially as a port to their certifications.
If you are interested in appearing in Microsoft Exam, you can use our extensive material such as MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals practice exams. The industry experts have suggested these practice tests.
What is the Microsoft MS-900 Exam?
The MS-900 exam will be the only exam required to obtain the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification. It is also an optional exam that can lead to other Microsoft 365 Paths. Candidates who want to demonstrate their knowledge in the Software as a Service model and general IT are required to take the MS-900 exam. This exam also covers knowledge about the benefits and options available for implementing Microsoft 365 cloud services.
MS-900 Exam Details
Exam details are something you can’t miss if it’s essential. It is important to have exam details before taking the actual exam. Below are the details for Microsoft 365 basic.
Microsoft MS-900 exam questions can be divided into multiple-choice or multi-responsive types. They will contain 40-60 questions. In the time limit of 85 minutes, you must score 700 or more points. The exam costs $99 USD plus additional taxes. The exam is available in English and Japanese languages.
Prerequisites for the MS-900 Exam
Each exam has its own eligibility requirements. Each exam has its own eligibility requirements that must be considered and fulfilled. We have listed all relevant information below to make it easier for you to get certified.
First, the ability to display knowledge in general and the Software as a Service cloud model.
Secondly, the knowledge of available options as well as the benefits of implementing Microsoft 365 cloud services.
MS-900 Exam Outline
The next step is to plan your course. This means that the aspirants must go through this phase in order to have a successful outcome. Microsoft understands the importance of certifications and has created a Microsoft MS-900 study manual that covers the key topics. They are:
The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Exam MS-900 was updated on April 23, 2021.
Domain 1 – Describe cloud concepts (10-15%)
Describe the various types of cloud services that are available
First, let’s talk about Microsoft’s IaaS and PaaS offerings
Describe the place where Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 fit into the Microsoft ecosystem
Cloud-based productivity solutions
Describe the advantages and considerations of using a cloud service over on-premises services.
Describe public, hybrid, and private scenarios
Identify situations where cloud-based services are more beneficial than those on-premises
Compare the costs of cloud-based services versus on-premises services
Identify the factors that motivate organizations to move to cloud computing
Domain 2 – Describe Core Microsoft 365 Services & Concepts (30-35%)
Identify core Microsoft 365 capabilities
Learn about productivity and teamwork first.