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This trend has changed. Certifications are now the most important credentials for anyone seeking a career in IT. Certifications are a great way to measure your professional achievements in a dynamic market. It’s also a great way to benchmark your achievements so make sure you have the most current certification credentials. Microsoft Azure, a dominant name in the IT industry, has launched the AZ104 exam. This marks a significant change in the Azure Certification pathway, as the AZ104 exam has replaced AZ103.
We’ll be discussing all the new features in the AZ-104 certification exam. This article will cover every little detail that makes the difference and provide all the latest information. Let’s get started, as we don’t spare any detail!
The brand new Release AZ104
According to Microsoft’s official website the AZ-104 certification exam is an upgraded version the AZ-103. This new test replaces the AZ103 exam. To become a Microsoft Azure Certified administrator, applicants must pass the AZ104 exam. The test is currently in beta. Candidates can take the AZ104 test between March 31st and April 30th 2020. Candidates should also be aware that the AZ104 test is no longer available. Microsoft has a 90-day rolling out plan. The exam will then be offered after the AZ103 exam has been retired.
What’s new in the AZ-104 Certification Exam Exam?
It is obvious that there are significant differences between the old AZ103 exam and the new AZ104 exam. As mentioned, the biggest change is in the course plan. Why? You can ask. The newest AZ-104 test is the most important part of staying current in technology.
– Updated Target Audience
The Azure Administrator implements, manages, monitors identity, governance storage, compute virtual networks in cloud environments. The Azure Administrator will monitor, adjust, and provision resources as needed.
– Changes in Prerequisites
Candidates should have at most six months of experience in Azure administration. Candidates should be able to understand core Azure services, Azure workloads and security. This exam requires you to be familiar with PowerShell and the Command Line Interface, Azure Portal, ARM templates, and Azure Portal.
– Improved Identities
The new AZ-104 certification exam has been combined into one, Managing Azure identities and subscriptions. The first domain of the AZ-104 exam covers administration of Azure identities. Governance is the second. Administration of Azure subscriptions is the first domain of the AZ-103 exam. Despite the fact that all of the subtopics deal with management of role-based acces control (RBAC), the differences in the subtopics are significant.
– Concentrating Management of Data
The second domain shows that both the AZ103 and AZ104 exams have the same implementation and management of storage. The AZ-104 exam covers the management of storage accounts, including the creation and configuration. The AZ-104 exam covers the management of data in Azure storage, not just importing or exporting data to Azure. The AZ-104 certification exam does not include Azure backup implementation. This is in the domain of Azure Storage implementation and management.
Backup – A separate domain
Notable differences include the inclusion of monitoring and backing up Azure resources as a domain for the AZ-104, Azure Administrator certification examination. Azure Monitor is now available for monitoring Azure resources and implementing backup and recovery.
– Shift to Virtual Machines to Compute Resources
As mentioned, the AZ104 exam is the focus.