PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Advisor (New Exam).

Microsoft has received a tremendous response to its growing market-level for individuals and companies by offering certification exams. Microsoft has made every announcement, including the addition of advanced technologies overcloud and the upgrade of its exam, to make developers, users and professionals’ lives easier. Microsoft Exam PL-200 certification exam is an example of Microsoft’s policy to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. Microsoft created the new Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Advisor Associate certification. This certification allows you to demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft Power Platform apps and solutions.
To earn this certification, however, you must pass Exam PL 200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional consultant. This standalone certification is required to earn certifications in areas such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Field Service. This exam has also replaced Exam MB-220: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 core.
This is not the end! This article will cover everything you need to know about the PL-200 Exam, including modifications, exam details, and learning areas. Let’s get started.
The Microsoft Exam MB-200 expired December 31, 2020. Exam PL-200 replaced it.
Microsoft Exam PL-200: Overview
The Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant (PL-202) exam is for candidates who have the knowledge to perform requirements discovery, capture, engage subject matter experts and stakeholders, as well as translate requirements. They can also configure Power Platform apps and solutions. They can also create custom user experiences, application enhancements, system integrations, including custom process automation and custom visualizations.
Validation of Microsoft Exam Skills
For Microsoft PL-200 Exam,
First, you must be able to implement the design created by and in collaboration avec a solution architect. You should also be familiar with the branding, standards, and artifacts set by User Experience Designers.
Second, they actively collaborate with members of the quality assurance team to ensure that solutions meet both functional and non-functional requirements. They also help to identify, generate, and deliver artifacts for packaging or deployment to DevOps Engineers.
Candidates in this role also provide maintenance and operations training to Power Platform administrators.
Those who have performed these tasks before can take the exam to validate their skills. For others, it takes time before you decide if you are ready to take the exam.
There are a few questions that can help you determine if you have the skills and knowledge to do this.
Do you have the knowledge to perform discovery, capture requirements, engage subject matter experts, and configure Microsoft Power Platform solutions?
Do you also know how to create custom user experiences, application enhancements, system integrations, and custom visualizations.
Do you have the ability to seamlessly integrate third-party services and applications?
Do you have the ability and knowledge to generate artifacts that can be packaged and distributed to DevOps experts?
If you have the skills and knowledge, then you can take the PL-200 exam. We will discuss the knowledge and experience needed for the PL 200 exam in the following section.
Microsoft PL-200 Exam: Knowledge Requirement
First, Power Platform Functional Consultants must be familiar with Dynamics 365 model driven applications. They should have experience with the Power Platform components to extend and customize Dynamics 365 model driven applications.