Survey Highlights AWS Cloud Consumption Problems. A survey of 279 IT professionals who attended recent Amazon Web Services Global Summits revealed that tracking cloud computing usage, spending, and allocating the correct costs to the right business users is a major concern. Cloud Cruiser, the vendor that commissioned Dimensional Research for the survey, stated, “According to survey findings, 79 per cent are pursuing a mixed cloud strategy and one-third will grow cloud services more than 50% in the coming year.” “Lacking usage visibility and transparency are key problems that have led to increased demand for flexible and easy-to-use solutions that drive efficiency, cost savings, and show business users exactly how services are being used.” Cloud Cruiser recently announced CloudSmart-Now, a product that allows customers to track hybrid cloud usage and costs by user and includes built-in analytics. Cloud Cruiser stated that 79 percent of hybrid cloud users have other clouds, including public clouds from other vendors. “However, most respondents express frustration with inability to control cloud usage and allocate costs to the right business users within their organizations.” Cloud Cruiser also highlighted other highlights of the study:

  • 66% find it difficult to track cloud usage for cost allocations.
  • AWS cloud users can add 30 percent to their cloud by using another cloud.
  • Only 25% are able to balance IT costs and consumption.
  • The cloud can help reduce costs and improve IT efficiency.