What makes CISSP the highest-paying cyber security certification?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification has been recognized as a gold standard in cybersecurity around the world. According to a 2018 survey, the average yearly salary for CISSP certified holders was $54,820 to $152,311. This range also includes the location of professionals, years of experience, and job title. These surveys make us wonder if CISSP is the most sought-after and highest-paid cybersecurity certification.

CISSP certification is a pioneer in cybersecurity. It was the first accredited information security certification to ISO/IEC Standard 17024. As a standard of achievement, CISSP certification is becoming more popular among cybersecurity professionals. Let’s find out what makes CISSP certification so important and how it can impact your career.
To help newcomers to this field, I would like to start by briefly introducing CISSP. International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC), offers the advanced certification of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). This certification certifies that IT professionals have the most current and best skills in information security. You will be a top choice for organizations around the world once you have obtained the CISSP Certification. It is difficult to obtain this certification. You can enroll for CISSP certification training at reputable organizations like Infosec Train. This certification is popular for the following reasons:
Accepted all over the globe, the CISSP credential can be used worldwide. The majority of Fortune companies recognize the importance and seek out CISSP certified professionals. It is the most sought-after certification for information security professionals. Being CISSP certified is a sign that you have the knowledge, skills, dedication, and recognition that are the best in information security.
Benchmark for Cybersecurity competence This data speaks volumes to the popularity of this certification. It is one the oldest information security certifications and has been used for over three decades. It is still considered the best in Information Security.
Long-Term Job Opportunities This has opened up long-term job opportunities for Information Security Professionals. These certification holders are a preferred choice for the job because CISSP is an internationally accepted credential. Certified professionals are also said to enjoy job stability and satisfaction. It will allow you to have the best jobs in system security such as Security Consultant, Security Manager/Manager, IT Director/Manager Security AuditorSecurity, Security Systems Engineer Security Systems Engineer Chief Information Officer Security Officer Director of Security, Network Architect
Handles the Latest TechnologyCISSP professionals are trained to deal with the cyber threat that is growing due to the use the latest technologies and trends like social media engagement, bring you device, cloud computing, big-data, and cloud computing. Cybercrime is increasing the more an organization opens up to the internet, so it is important to hire CISSP professionals.
Highly PaidProfessionals with CISSP certification are highly paid in information security. Certified professionals can expect to earn 25% more than their peers who are not certified. The rate of salary increases is higher than in any other sector in the IT industry. As p